Recipe+ Nutrition Profiler

Recipe+ Nutrition Profiler

Detailed view of recipes
Nutrition Panels view
Recipe Cards view
List view of nutrition information
Settings to choose units & backup and restore data
Over 11000 food items, user can add and edit food items
app commands
Create a recipe and Nutritional Panel is automatically generated

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About Recipe+ Nutrition Profiler

Recipe+ Nutrition Profiler is a tool to analyze a recipe for nutrition information. You can also use it as a recipe book. Very useful for any food business to publish nutrition info. Very easy to create a recipe and nutrition info panel is automatically generated. You can get an insight of nutrition profile of recipes from a cook book or a cooking show or your own cooking.

All you have to do is enter the ingredients and its quantity in grams to get the nutrition info panels.
Maintain your own recipe book with nutrition info panel for each recipe with this app.

Key features

  • Recipes files can be shared by email to other users you know who use this app
  • Recipes and nutrition panels can be printed or can be exported to html files
  • recipes can be added as an ingredient to another recipes
  • huge database of over 12000 foods compiled from reputed sources
  • kJ and Calorie energy unit choice
  • Works completely offline, no signup required
  • Data is automatically roamed between your windows 8 devices