Reiki Info Center

Reiki Info Center

The Splash Screen showing the Japanese/Chinese Kanji for Reiki.
The Welcome screen displaying basic information about the purpose of the app.
The Article Selection Screen, showing a list of articles for the selected category and topic.
The reading screen showing a selected title.

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About Reiki Info Center

This app displays articles stored in a database and accessed through a web service. It contains basic introductory information about the Japanese method called Reiki which is thought to be a healing energy method by many. Some people accept Reiki only as a useful medication.

The app contains many articles introducing various aspects of Reiki to the person interested in learning more about it, as well as providing a growing number of links to other useful information sources on the Internet.

Articles are arranged under a list of Topics which are themselves arranged under a list of Categories. This allows a large number of articles to be accessed efficiently.

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