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About Ancient Music

Instantly access a massive collection of music from the Renaissance era and before. Ancient Music gathers thousands of exceptional compositions from the best composers of the Renaissance period. We took the time to collect, reorganize and convert in different formats the works of great composer such as Josquin des Prez, Johannes Ockeghem, Guillaume DuFay, Pierre de la Rue, Alexander Agricola, Gilles Binchois and many others. Here are the key properties of this application:
✤Ease of use
The user interface is quite simple, you select a composer and all his compositions are listed.
✤Collection of ancient Music
Access Music from the Renaissance period and also Folk Music (Native American Folk songs).
✤Score viewer
When you click on a composition, it is automatically displayed on a score viewer in the form of music notation.
You can playback any composition.
✤Export in midi
You can export any composition to the MIDI format for use in your favorite music notation software or Digital Audio Workstation. This way you can add effects, change instruments and create great sounds for your personal use.
Whether you are doing research on music, you love the music of the renaissance era or you are a modern composer, this application is for you.To compose great music, one sometimes has to study and learn from ancient music. Get the app, enjoy and learn from all those great composers and Maestros.

Key features

  • Collection of ancient Music
  • Score viewer
  • Playback
  • Export in midi