Retirement Scenarios

Retirement Scenarios

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About Retirement Scenarios

Software used to help determine if you have enough funds to retire given future income, expenses, and inflation.

See an overview on YouTube, search for ‘ACK Financials’ or ‘Retirement Scenarios’.

This software builds a table of data from your inputs. You enter in the starting assets, your age, estimated social security, annuities, loans, etc. Costs of long term care are automatically entered for you. The data is saved as it is entered so you can come back and play with different ideas.

Your retirement scenario can be tested against random and real world data to see the probability that you will not outspend your assets in retirement.

Best of all, there is no log in, no one is tracking what you do, and no in-app purchases, this is fully functional software.

Key features

  • Retirement budgeting
  • Stress test retirement budget
  • Estimate probability assets will cover retirement