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About RevLearning Suite

The RevLearning Suite brings independent oral reading and speaking practice to students of all ages. Our products leverage LanguaMetrics, Inc.
speech scoring and artificial intelligence technology to “Rev Up” your Phonics, Fluency, and English language instruction and practice.

Rev Learning products provide a one-of-a-kind, highly engaging multi-sensory experience - combining sight, speaking, and listening skills.

A decade of development has produced revolutionary technology that listens to children speak and provides them with critical feedback on pronunciation accuracy in real-time.
This feedback is at the core of all products in the Rev Learning Suite.

Learners accessing the Rev Learning app will:

  • have access to over 1,000 books in the Rev Learning Suite (PhonicsRev, FluencyRev, EnglishRev)
  • listen to the text read to them
  • record themselves reading the text out loud (using a connected microphone)
  • receive colorful feedback on words so they can self-correct
  • earn motivating stars and points for their correctly read and spoken text
  • have the flexibility to read anywhere at any time they can connect to the app have their reading and comprehension
    scored and reported (via audio files and reports) to their teacher/instructor automatically

Research shows that repeated reading out loud with immediate feedback leads to gains in fluency and comprehension.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Rev Learning Suite now!

Happy Reading, Speaking, and Learning!

Additional information regarding the productions contained in the Rev Learning Suite:

  • FluencyRev™ is for young children who are reading connected text and need to develop their oral reading fluency. FluencyRev™ contains
    hundreds of leveled readers for students in grades K through 5. Since FluencyRev™ is ‘always listening’, now “No Child has to Read Alone”!

  • PhonicsRev™ is ideal for children in grades K through 2 but is also a great value for learners of any age needing to learn or improve their phonics.
    PhonicsRev™ contains over 475 engaging speech-scoring activities as well as 87 decodable books that can align to any scope and sequence.

  • EnglishRev™ leverages our LMS and speech scoring technology to create a virtual environment for English language learners of all ages.
    The focus is on providing them an immersive experience with a focus on listening and receiving corrective feedback so that learning the English language is an experience closer to learning their first language.

Key features

  • Install and Enjoy the RevLearning Suite to help your children become strong readers. RevLearning Suite is here to help.