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About Robo Wunderkind

Build robots with colorful Robo Wunderkind building blocks, then code and control your creations in this app to bring them to life. Unlock your creative genius through coding and playing with Robo Wunderkind!

Our newest app comes with three programming difficulty levels and 19 interactive tutorials, which transform learning about STEM and technology into a fun game.

For ages 5 and up, no previous knowledge is needed!


Choose between three coding modes to control & program your inventions:

‘Live’ is the level that allows you to control your robots through a digital remote. Learn the core functions of building blocks by controlling them in this mode.

‘Code’ is the level that will introduce you to programming in no time. Based on colorful icons and images, this mode will introduce you to the basic elements of coding such as If-then statements, Loops, Decision trees, and more.

‘Blockly’ is the most advanced programming level, based on the Scratch interface. The block-based programming environment allows learning complex concepts like Variables, Functions, Operators, and Input-output mapping.

With 19 free in-app tutorials, as well as more than 30 free step-by-step projects on our website, you will always be stocked up on ideas on what to create next. Follow the tutorials to recreate amazing robots, or use them for inspiration and create your own inventions.


Get to know our Robo Wunderkind App:

BUILD YOUR ROBOT. Use colorful Robo Wunderkind blocks like lights, motors, displays, sensors, and building parts to create your inventions. Use anything crafty you have at home to customize them or attach your favorite bricks.

CREATE ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. Let that creativity run wild! Connect your robot to the app, learn to use it with our tutorials, and bring your creations to life with code. Choose the level you like or progress through modes as you advance your coding and creativity skills.

NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED. Have fun anytime and anywhere you are. Whether at a friend’s house, your grandparents’, or at home. You don’t need an internet connection to play with your robots.

FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Robo Wunderkind App is free to download and play. But no fun without a Robo Wunderkind kit, hence make sure to have one close.


As seen on Wired, The Guardian, TechCrunch, Vox, 9to5Mac.

Winner of Parent’s Choice Awards (USA), Mom’s Choice Awards (USA), National Parenting

Product Awards (USA), Dad’s Choice Awards (UK). Finalist, Amazon Small Business Awards (DE).

Certified by Education Alliance Finland as a toy with outstanding educational impact.


What media says about us:

“Robo Wunderkind is the perfect STEM tool for young kids” - 9to5Mac

“Robo Wunderkind is easy to use, simple to build, and masterfully engaging for kids”- MakeUseOf

“This is an impossibly clever robotic building-block system for ages 5+. More versatile than most coding kits, it’ll secretly stimulate maths, logic and creative thinking.” - Stuff magazine



  • Any Bluetooth 4.0/BLE-enabled device

  • A Robo Wunderkind robotics kit of one of the following models: Robo Animate; Robo Sense; Robo Spin; Explorer Lite; Explorer Prime; Explorer Pro; Education Kit; Starter Kit (2019 Edition)

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