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About Safe3 Safe Browsing

The Safe3 Safe Browsing application provides an enhanced safe browsing experience across all browsers and other applications on your computer. Our system-wide protection utilizes up-to-date and diverse filter lists to effectively block unwanted content and protect you from a variety of online threats.
Our application uses a more aggressive approach with unproven but effective filter lists to block potentially harmful websites. Unlike other solutions, we do not prioritize minimizing false positives.
With Safe3 Safe Browsing, you can be confident that you are protected from the following types of online threats:
Malware: Our system blocks websites that are known to host or distribute harmful software.
Phishing/scam websites: We block websites that are designed to trick you into divulging sensitive information such as passwords or financial details.
Tracking scripts: Our system blocks scripts that are designed to track your online activity and build a profile of your interests and habits.
Ads: We block unwanted advertisements that can be distracting and potentially harmful.
Choose Safe3 Safe Browsing to ensure a safe and secure browsing experience on your desktop.

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