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About Saferoom

Saferoom protects your data by encrypting it before it leaves your device to be uploaded to online cloud apps like Evernote or OneNote.
Worried about putting your notes to Evernote and Microsoft OneNote cloud systems? Don’t want to loose your mobility and productivity? With Saferoom you can sleep tight - your private notes are encrypted in your device and sent to cloud in encrypted form. Your secure notes stay always encrypted and thus Saferoom keeps you safe against any data leaks. Then in order to see your confidential note you need to decrypt it which is done in your device only. Moreover, as Saferoom does not have any own accounts and your password is stored only locally, Saferoom is provides true zero-knowledge encryption. This is how Saferoom keeps you safe!
Now, to help you stay mobile and productive with your private data Saferoom is available on major devices and platforms including free desktop clients. Additionally, to decrypt your notes you can use Saferoom Chrome extension. You can create encrypted notes in any device and then decrypt them on any device with Saferoom. Moreover, note titles, note tags are not encrypted which allows you to search for secure notes, organize them based on tags, notebooks and titles while having their content and attachments protected.

Key features

  • Saferoom extends existing cloud apps with zero-knowledge encryption - right now with Evernote support you can create encrypted and secure Evernote notes;
  • To protect your notes Saferoom uses AES-256 encryption algorithm and stores your password locally thus providing zero-knowledge encryption;
  • To share notes between users you can use One-time password feature that allows you to manually specify a password for encryption;
  • Saferoom quick services allow you encrypt, decrypt your notes and attached files directly from Evernote or OneNote app;
  • Saferoom is available on all major platforms with free desktop Evernote and Microsoft OneNote clients for Windows 10.