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Salesmatrix SWOT

Salesmatrix SWOT
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The pivotal SWOT report for each customer gives you insight into what is really happening at this customer
Salesmatrix SWOT
Quickly see an overview of sales patterns over the past two years
Smart reports can open up amazing opportunities...
Intelligent Product Reports show you where you can pick the 'low-hanging fruit'
Any SWOT item leads to a custom actions screen allowing quick interaction with customers or note and reminder taking

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About Salesmatrix SWOT

Salesmatrix SWOT is a fully interactive sales intelligence application showing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for every single Customer and Product in your business.

Especially designed for the Wholesale, Distribution and Manufacturing sectors, Salesmatrix SWOT is an outstanding asset for sales professionals.

Before starting out your day you can review your top sales opportunities, your favourite customers, trending products and all up-to-date sales values from your smart phone. Integrating contacts into the app means communication with your customers at your fingertips.

When meeting with customers be prepared to review their opportunities - what products they could be stocking, what other similar customers have been buying and get important information about whether they are growing or declining, what products they have stopped buying and whether we are making appropriate margins with them.

And whether products are trending upwards or downwards, immendiatley contact all the customers who should be buying or have stopped buying.

Salesmatrix SWOT does all the intelligent work for you and delivers in an easy to read format. No number crunching and long reports, just a simple one page report detailing all the key points about your customer.

When reviewing opportunities, you can phone the customer, create emails, store notes or create reminders so that opportunities are not missed.

Salesmatrix SWOT will pay for itself over and over again - never miss an opportunity again.

Salesmatrix SWOT requires connection to your business data, but this process is simplified, and can in many cases be completed in minutes.

Key features

  • Sales Intelligence
  • Multi-lingual capabilities but always delivering smart results that will assist you winning your next sales,
  • Connect immediately to your customers using the actions interface. Email, telephone to immediately communicate to your customers
  • Easy to set up and a full admin package for Sales managers to get their sales team up and running quickly.