Selfie Makeover

Selfie Makeover

Selfie Makeover
Selfie Makeover
Selfie Makeover
Selfie Makeover
Selfie Makeover

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About Selfie Makeover

The weather is GREAT! If you’re outside and NOT taking selfies, you need to NOW!

Welcome the fabulous world of Emma, The social media Queen and fashion model who just
can’t stop and won’t stop taking gorgeous selfie when she feels like! As her stylist, you have to make sure she is ALWAYS looking her best and you have to give her the make over perfect for a diva.

You’re Olivia, the ever ready stylist to Emma. Your job is to always make Emma look her best and giving her a gorgeous makeover when she needs it! Taking care of the selfie needs of a gorgeous Queen like Emma isn’t easy and is a full time job!

You have to prepare Emma for the red carpet for an award show, the runway as a fashion model, and other decorated places where she will have to take a memorable selfie with her adoring fans to stay as the social media Queen for all her fans.

As you give Emma her makeover you have to be make sure you give her only the best make up and accessories! How you dress her up can seriously affect her followers and how they look up to their beautiful Queen. You have to make sure her fans are always reminded why she is their favorite fashion model!

Every selfie that Emma takes will be on the look that you give her, which is a SERIOUS responsibility, so you have to take your job VERY seriously!

There are many parts to giving the right make over for a fashion model and socialite like Emma, you have to delicately decorate her look, accessories, clothes and make sure she has a look that will make her keep the crown!

The game will teach you how to give the ultimate make over to the fashionista so you have can ONLY use your best creativity when Emma comes to you!

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