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About Senstroke

With Senstroke’s connected sensors and its patented technology, play the drums, progress and record anywher at anytime.
Senstroke is the first solution to transcribe a drummer’s real play (impact, toms layout) directly into your smartphone.

How does it work ?

To enjoy these features, slide the sensors on your drumsticks, on your feet, and then synchronize them in Bluetooth with our application.
Once you have defined your playing environment (position and orientation of your hitting areas) in the application, you will have the pleasure of hearing the sound of a real drum kit each time the drumsticks hit the defined hitting areas.
Thanks to Senstroke, everyone can now play drums anywhere and anytime without having to deal with the main barriers of the instrument (noise, size, weight).

A new kind of drums

Our wish is to offer you a solution that adapts to your playing habits and is faithful to the real play style of each drummer.
The Senstroke technology allows you to retranscribe 123 levels of striking intensity, define the location of your toms and cymbals on the fly, define your hi-hat opening degree, and enjoy one or two bass drum pedals!
You can use any support to play the drums with the sensors: cushion, pillow, practicing pad, chair etc… The only limit is your imagination !

An open technology

The sensors transmit directly MIDI files through Bluetooth. Therefore, once you have defined your drumkit, you can either enjoy the sound of the drums built into Senstroke, or connect your sensors to other applications to simulate the sound of your drum kit.
Connect to Garage Band (under iOS or OS X) for example to enjoy a level of accuracy that is still unrivalled.

The functionalities

  • Connecting the sensors
  • Calibration management
  • Creating a drumkit (from 1 to 16 elements)
  • Editing the striking areas
  • Visual and sound transcription of the drummer’s playing

Many more features are coming soon!

Key features