Location is needed to share position.
Contact information is needed at the first connection to get your name. It is not a mandatory.
Username is how other users will identify you.
Share name is an identifier of a group of users that share there positions.

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About ShareMyPos

This app is just simple, secure and free. It allows you to share your realtime position and follow those who are sharing there position with you while everyone is moving.

App Features :

  • No account needed
  • Enter a name and a share name that it
  • Sharing your position is as simple as sending a link to other
  • Your position or any other data will never be stored on a server or database
  • Need internet connection and GPS location
  • Cross platform : Android app, Windows 10 app, browser app

Why using ShareMyPos app ?

  • Be prepared when your guests are near
  • Don’t wait outside while your rendez-vous is coming
  • Ask your children where they are
  • Meet your friend somewhere
  • This is still a beta version. It means that we have a lot to do to improve quality and features in the app. We will be happy to have your comments, suggestions and supports.

Key features

  • Share position
  • Send position
  • Live tracking
  • Geolocation