Shri Jyoti Star 10

Shri Jyoti Star 10

One of the many completely customizable screens. This shows some of the many uniquely powerful Muhurta (election) analysis graphs and tools
One of many light themes. Illustrates the Data Entry screen's many powerful features
One of many dark theme choices. Illustrates the Data Entry screen's many powerful features
One of many ways to set up for Transit and Synastry analysis. A South Indian biwheel is also available showing two charts using any divisions inside or out
Endless choices of charts and tables as well as background colors
Make beautiful pages
Devanagari in charts and tables (other languages also)
Tamil in charts and tables
Find what you want, easy search. Help to pick the right Dasha system for the chart. Makes predictions much more powerful. Extensive context sensitive help and tutorials
The Time Change Bar and the Planetarium showing conjunctions to the Nakshatra Yoga Taras (main star)

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About Shri Jyoti Star 10

World’s best Vedic Astrology software. More powerful features, more accurate, extensive reports, best and most-complete time-change and place atlas and more. The free version lets you do simple charts and dashas. More advanced features are available through in-app purchases. There are two levels Pro and Jaimini. Pro covers almost everything in common use in Vedic Astrology and is similar or frequently beyond competing software. Jaimini has some additional less well-known features. Detailed documentation is available at

Key features

  • Vedic Astrology charts, tables, graphs, muhurta, prashna, astromapping, extensive reports, oracles, best time-change atlas, Jyotisha yogas, create custom yogas, custom tables, transit, synastry tools