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About Simple Contraction Timer

Refer to the history report to gain a sense of the progress of contractions over the course of labor. Generally, a woman who is advancing in labor has contractions that are getting stronger, longer and closer together over time.

The averages will give you a quick glimpse at the general course the contractions have taken over the past 1 hour. Check with your care provider ahead of time to get instructions on when they would like you to arrive at the hospital/birth center.

And remember, you don’t need to time contractions throughout the entire labor. Instead, time them every so often for at least 30 minutes to get a gauge on where the labor is headed (and how fast).

About the creators:

As professional doulas and childbirth educators, we know first hand just how busy you’ll be in the labor room when your special day arrives. Between rubbing mom’s back, getting water and ice chips, and offering words of encouragement, there is little time to be fussing around with pen and paper as you attempt to time contractions.

We also know that moms do not appreciate their partners fiddling around with the iPhone during labor. Therefore, we created a really simple timer that gives you just the information you need, and no more. More time spent focusing on mom’s needs equals a happier mom. And when mama’s happy, we’re all happy!

Key features

  • Features:
  • √ Simple and easy to use interface
  • √ Tracks duration of each contraction
  • √ Tracks interval between each contraction
  • √ History report for tracking labor progress over time
  • √ Calculated averages for reporting the latest progress at a glance