Simply Colors, Preschool Learning Games (Lite)

Simply Colors, Preschool Learning Games (Lite)


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About Simply Colors, Preschool Learning Games (Lite)

Simply Colors will teach young children colors in ways that are meaningful and fun. Kids will master the color names, recognize colors in different objects, distinguish color differences in the same type of objects, make connection between different object by their similarity in color, memorize paint color with the classic memory match game and be able to sort different objects by color.
The six games include: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Show and Tell, tap on colored pencil and learn the color sound and objects in that color.
Pinwheel Tap, tap the pinwheel according to the cue, if right, the pinwheel will spin.
Pair up sock, four pairs of socks lost their match, pair them up.
Line up, draw a line between a car and the same colored pencil.
Memory match, match all the pairs of paints.
Sort, sort different objects of the same color into the box

The skills your kid will develop:

Color recognition
Make connections between different things by their color, the goal of the Line Up and Sort games
Noticing differences, same type of things can differ in color, the goal of the sock game
Stretch your memory muscle, the goal of the memory Match game
Learn to categorize, the goal of the sort game

Key features

  • recognize color and learn their names
  • match sames colors of the same object type
  • make connections between different types of objects by their common color
  • strengthen color recognition by playing the memory game
  • sort object by their color