Small e-Commerce Helper

Small e-Commerce Helper

Small e-Commerce Helper
Small e-Commerce Helper
Small e-Commerce Helper
Small e-Commerce Helper

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About Small e-Commerce Helper

A tax and tracking aide for e-commerce sellers. Import a year-end sales report from your online store to organize data, visualize sales trends, and track receipts.
Organize your data in an easy to read table view. Entries can be sorted and filtered by Date, Shop Name, Sales Location and more. Small e-Commerce Helper automatically calculates and displays totals for all items being viewed. Easily view monthly, quarterly, or annual totals with the custom date range.
Use graphic models to visualize trends by month or year including total sales, items sold, taxes and fees, etc.
Add and track receipts with the simple receipt wizard. Receipts are itemized and totaled by category.
See where you have made sales by viewing the World and USA maps. States and countries are color coded to quickly see where you have done business.
Currently supports imported CSV files from Etsy. Future builds will include more compatibility.

Key features

  • Receipt tacking
  • US and World maps of sale locations
  • Etsy orders import