Smart Garden

Smart Garden

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Home Page: This page control all your Garden, if you have a lot of garden around your location, you can manage them easily in this page
Tray Management Page: This page help you control and watch on your tray 24/7. You can control by click on buttons or read value from sensor: light, temp, humidity,...

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About Smart Garden

- Control, watch, take care garden of user
- Automatically run, user also can control by themselve if they want.
- Use Machine Learning technology for system. So Smart Garden can “smarter” by learning the way user plant their plant.
- Notify to user if their garden get dangerous (too hot, too much water,…)
- Log system help user manager their action.
- Control via Internet, user can control and watch their garden from everywhere
- Universal Windows Platform: User can use Smart Garden in PC, Tablet, Mobile

Key features

  • Control Garden and Tracking Sensor Data, Take Care Plants