Smart Grid Simulations

Smart Grid Simulations

Smart Grid Simulations - Public Infrastructure
Price calculation for a small Family Shoe production
Photovoltaic System - cost and profit (RoI) for the 21st century Prosumer
Wind Turbine - Investment, Production and Physical calculation
Bakery Tutorial - our simple all-in-one company, baking bread
21st century Truck driver - Car 2 Car distancing on the road
Value Proposition Canvas - determine your Product and Service cost
21st century Truck Driver - how far can you go?
Word Order Form - a simple order, contract and invoice template
Apple Tree - the classic, most simple Money maker

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About Smart Grid Simulations

Smart Grid Simulations is a collection of Small Business Planners (based on the .NET 6.0 Desktop Environment) around Home and Family, self-supply of House and Garden, and Public infrastructure. So here we compare the private individual - or the Small Business owner working from home - with cost and duty of the Public State.

With all Input Values, there is a small selector that allows you to adjust each value up and down, in time. So let your worktime rise and fall, estimate your fixed cost, your pricing, your production, and the number of customers. Dynamic Applications will count it all together, beautifully displayed in 48 months.

Dynamic Applications are fully transparent. Through interactive ToolTips, all formula are shown, as well in live number calculation. Dynamic Applications protect your Privacy. No data gathering, no Server behind you. We provide a traditional Desktop Client here. Plan secretly and never worry.

Included are Water Supply, Apple Tree, a Multi-Material Tool Builder, Photovoltaic System, Wind Turbine, the 21st century Truck Driver (basic), and finally, Smart Grid - Public Infrastructure (Germany 2000 - 2025). As well included are various documents for Startups and Founders, so a Protocol Form, a Work order and simply invoice form, a Value Proposition Canvas, a Business Plan Canvas, our AGB, Terms and Conditions, and various other documents of interest.

With the Professional Windows 10 Store Apps, all Formula, Values and Labels are fully editable right from within the application. So you can adjust existing formula or introduce new values, to create more fine-tuned calculations from the rather basic, common examples we provide. Still the provided examples are fully usable for calculations - from single Euro to the Million.

Finally, Dynamic Applications are also participative. Through a 2-headed balanced voting, users can decide on new Simulation Ideas, as well as on the Platform development roadmap. We work from Top Votes.

All in all, Smart Grid Simulations is a reliable software applications that allows you to load, run, adjust and create a large variety of Simulations around House, Home, Energy Production, and the Public Infrastructure.

Smart Grid Simulations - don’t wait to buy property. Buy Property, and wait.
Dynamic Applications are updated frequently at no additional price through Windows 10 Store.

Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

Key features

  • a large variety of Small Business SImulations
  • Smart Grid - Public infrastructure (Germany 2000 - 2025)
  • Fully configurable Time Ruler - from 1 nsec to 1000 years
  • Transparency - fully self-explanatory Formulas with live calculations through ToolTips
  • Privacy Protection - it's your data. We respect that. Plan secretly and never have to worry.
  • Participation - join our user voting with the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition on Twitter.