SmartKids by HappyKids

SmartKids by HappyKids

SmartKids by HappyKids
SmartKids by HappyKids
SmartKids by HappyKids
SmartKids by HappyKids
SmartKids by HappyKids
SmartKids by HappyKids
SmartKids by HappyKids

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About SmartKids by HappyKids

Learning will always be fun with This is a 24/7 free channel offering a vast library of fun learning videos, popular cartoon series, educational shows, gaming videos, and a wide range of family friendly movies, all carefully chosen to educate and engage children of all age groups, including the early learners, elementary graders, tweens, and the teens! Here you will find a wide range of programs from popular kids TV series like Talking Tom and Friends, Lego Movies series, Teen Titans Go, Masha and the Clown, and Gummy Bear Series, to gaming videos including Roblox simulations, minecraft videos, and fortnight dance moves; and several more animated and non animated programs like Recess stories, Nancy Drew, Nutriventures,etc . We sort and curate all our content into age appropriate listings to match the needs of our young viewers.

There are so many ways to learn beyond what the traditional schools offer. Why not convert your child’s screen time into productive learning hours all while they have fun! At Smartkids tv we believe in the power of enjoying the learning process, hence we have curated a varied collection of learning shows, movies, and quiz series intermixed with DIY videos, brain breaks, dance tutorials, popular gaming videos, puppet shows and more to bring in the right balance of fun and education while catering to the desires of your little ones.

Kids are always on the lookout for something new and offer just the thing to keep them focused and entertained. Child Safety is our first and foremost responsibility. Never worry about having to monitor the content your kids are watching on Smartkids. Our quality assurance (QA) team rigorously inspects all content available on the channel, including the ads and promotional messages, to ensure that the programming on Smartkidstv is 100% kid friendly and safe.

Some of the salient features of our app include:
• Completely FREE.
• 100% Safe and Kids Friendly.
• Accessible from anywhere and everywhere the internet is available.
• Content exclusively curated and sorted for Elementary graders, home schoolers, tweens, and teens.
• A huge library of Kids content including popular children’s shows, edutainment programs, gaming videos, quiz videos, and educational songs.
• A large collection of edutainment videos to promote age appropriate and focused learning.
• Legal unlimited streaming of Family Friendly Movies like Jungle book, Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Jack and the beanstalk, etc.
• All videos you watch will be included in the“Recently Played” playlist, so that you don’t have to search next time you want to pick from where you left off.
• Easy search options to find your favorite content.

Some of our premier content includes videos for Kidstv, kids, Children, learning, Cartoons, rhymes, nursery, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, fairy-tales, kidfriendly, kids-friendly, child, friendly, free, safe, education, superhero, superheroes, abc, phonetics, homeschool, activity, games, lego, playdoh, barbie, doll crafts, and more

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