Snow White Prequel

Snow White Prequel

Hilda meets the prince.
Hilda creates a poisonous apple.
Who is in the mirror?
Hilda casts a rain spell.
Snow White is born.

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About Snow White Prequel

Optimized for Surface and other tablets, your children will love this 3D interactive storybook with its narration, music, and delightful animations. Compare the price to a static, printed book – it’s a bargain.

Did you ever wonder what made Snow White’s evil stepmother so evil or how the magic mirror came to be? Silicon Beach Software invites you to unlock the secrets of Snow White’s past in this original tale.

• 33 fun-filled interactive pages
• Developed in a 3D game engine
• Click or tap on characters to hear what they have to say, starting on page 2
• Control the thunder, lightning and rain when a spell is cast
• Watch the river flow and listen to birds chirp in forest scenes
• Find the magic apple in each scene, starting on page 2
• Magnifier allows zoom in and zoom out

See the future of storybooks with this interactive app. Just be forewarned, you can’t get through it in ten minutes!

Key features

  • 3D scenes; swipe or drag to see more
  • Talking characters in each scene
  • Narration on or off
  • An original story