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Sobriety Counter

See how many days since you quit your addiction
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About Sobriety Counter

Thank you for choosing Sobriety Counter. You are on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s smoking, alcoholism, gambling, playing video games or any other addiction this app can assist you in staying on the right track.

Sobriety Counter allows you to keep set the day in which you quit doing some addiction or undesirable activity. It gives you a total number of days since you quit doing that activity and also provides you with Year, Month, Day breakdown of days since.

You are able to select one of common addictions or create a new one of your own. You can keep track of multiple sobrieties at once and switch between them.

You can change the background color or select a picture for the background, either one of the default pictures provided or a picture of your choosing.

Sobriety Counter also celebrates achievements for reaching goals of certain days sober/clean.

You are alerted to new achievements with a popup.

If selected, the live tile for the app on the start menu will display a message congratulating you.

In the Achievements tab, you are shown a countdown to the next achievement, down to the days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Motivational quotes are also provided for inspiration. In addition you can provide a quote of your choosing for each addiction.

Plus other features.

Sobriety Counter is ad supported.

Key features

  • Total Number of days since quitting
  • Year, Month, Day breakdown of days since quitting
  • Create Custom addictions to track or use defaults provided
  • Track multiple addictions
  • Keep track of achievements
  • See countdown to next achievement
  • Show achievement notifications on live tile on Start Menu
  • Use custom background color or Image
  • See motivational quotes for inspiration
  • Create your own motivational quote for each sobriety
  • Share a screen grab of your progress
  • And more