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Sole Moments Club

Sole Moments Club
Sole Moments Club
Sole Moments Club
Sole Moments Club
Sole Moments Club
Sole Moments Club

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About Sole Moments Club

Share moments that matter with family and friends, ad free with data privacy.

Sole Moments Club is the place where you can share and be a part of moments that truly matter to you with the people you care about most.

Social media was built with the intention of keeping in touch with friends and family. The Sole Moments Club app allows you to go back to that core concept in earnest. Create moments using photos and videos, and have the peace of mind that none of your data will be sold and there will never be ads or clickbait interrupting your scroll through memory lane.

Parental Review - With every social media platform, there have been increasing problems with cyber bullying, predators and inappropriate content. Parental review will offer the admin on our Family and Friends plans to set up parental review of every moment that your child accounts can see or try to post. This provides parents with the ability to establish a safe social media platform, without having to check their child’s account directly. Parents will also have the ability to approve/deny member connections, to ensure that the connections your child wishes to make are directly to their friends.

No Suggested content & No Advertisements - No matter what plan you have, there will never be any ads or suggested content interrupting your journey of moments.

Simple storage management - Have the ability to view what files are taking up the most space on your account and have the freedom to delete individual files and moments in very few clicks.

Moments remain in chronological order - Keep up to date on the latest moments in the simplest way possible, chronologically.
Moments can have comments, if you want them - You choose whether or not to allow your connected members the ability to comment on your moments. The focus is shifted back to the importance of your experiences instead of the number of “likes and comments” that you receive for a social media post.

Moments are searchable - Have the amazing ability to search for a particular moment by searching for it’s title, caption, category or the person that posted it.

Moments can be categorized and filtered - Each moment can be altered to include categories such as Weddings, Family, Holidays, Travel, Animals, Birthdays and many more.

Moment slideshow - Want to take a stroll down memory? Hop into slideshow mode and each photo will go full screen and offer an unobstructed view of each moment.

Compressed content - Each photo uploaded is compressed upon upload while maintaining a high quality photo for viewing in your journey. This allows subscribers for all plans to have ample storage for all the moments in life that matter.

Key features

  • Share photos & videos
  • Comment on moments
  • Search, filter & tag moments
  • Review family moments
  • Share account subscriptions