The Sound Keyboard

The Sound Keyboard

ASMR typing sounds
Vintage keyboard typing sounds from your laptop keyboard. Sound effects to make it sound like you are typing on a vintage 1960's typerwriter!
Visually impaired spoken key presses
A simple clean Ui for the ASMR Sound Keyboard - add typing sounds to your key presses on the keyboard to make it more fun

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About The Sound Keyboard

Clicks, ASMR keyboard sounds, beeps, typewriter, analog typing sounds and spoken key names sound effects when you type. This simple app allows you to add another level to your daily interaction with your keyboard and computer experience by adding audio wav sounds to your keypresses. If you are typing, you will hear clicks, crackles, buzzes, taps, and more from wav files triggered by your typing.

You can select a vintage typewriter sound for your laptop and make new office friends easily! It’s a low latency application that makes typing a more soothing experience for those that like ASMR sounds YouTube videos.

Key features

  • sound effects
  • analog typing
  • typewriter sounds
  • clicks
  • ASMR typing
  • visual aid for typing
  • visual impairment
  • vision loss audible keyboard
  • audible keyboard