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About Speaker Tracker

Originally created as an iPad app to use at meetings of a local council, SpeakerTracker is now available on the Windows Store and has the following features:

  • displays three lists for use during a debate:

    • all those who have not spoken

    • those who have indicated they wish to speak

    • those who have spoken or are speaking

  • displays a timer so that speeches can be timed

  • speech times can be kept for each speaker.

The secretary or chairperson can easily add names to the list of those waiting to speak. The order on the list can be changed.

The secretary or chairperson can easily see who has already spoken, which is important if the meeting’s rules limit speakers to just one speech in a debate.

Code is open-sourced on Github: https://github.com/wrmack/SpeakerTracker-Electron

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