Speek! Secure Messenger

Speek! Secure Messenger

Decentralized messenger with military grade encryption.
Supports P2P encrypted file sharing
Highly customizable user interface. Use your own backgrounds and themes.
Share encrypted images and nothing is stored on servers.

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About Speek! Secure Messenger

In comparison to popular messaging applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal, Speek! is by far the most secure way to converse. Speek! is serverless, stores no metadata, requires no ID or phone number, and all the messages are end-to-end encrypted.

The users are only identified with public keys. Each user can share their public key with others to add them to the contacts list.

DECENTRALIZED: Speek! is a p2p messenger. Your messages and data are never stored on any servers. Speek! makes it possible to converse without middlemen.

SECURE: Speek! is the most secure messenger. Everything is encrypted on your device and all your messages are routed via the Tor network.

100% FREE & OPEN: Speek! is free for everyone. There will be never any in-app purchases and all the source code is open-sourced.

PRIVATE: All your messages are private. Nothing is stored and there is no meta-data. Once you close Speek! all your messages are deleted.

FEATURE-RICH: Encrypted file-sharing is supported. The files are also shared p2p and all the traffic is encrypted.

Key features

  • chat with your contacts
  • p2p filesharing
  • anonymous messaging
  • end-to-end encryption enabled by default
  • create a custom theme
  • no meta-data
  • serverless
  • decentralized