Splendor Windows Store App - Active and inactive (finished disasters) in real time
Splendor's Splash screen
List of available disasters divided in categories and marked by activity with green or red
Advanced options for Finishing up an Active Disaster.
Showing the last 5 disasters on full map  with push pins and the message sent.
Video page that explains the full functionality of the app - end to end.
Splendor Windows Store App that gives full info about the locations.
Splendor Windows Phone Mobile app from which the SOS message can be sent.
Individual disaster shown on map with marked affected area.

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About Splendor

The main goal of this Windows 8 Store application is to be a Global Natural Disaster Center and to enable to the rescue teams to help victims or survivors from a disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, floods by determining their exact location in a very short time by detecting and receiving the coordinates of the mobile phone sent from the user.

Key features

  • Showing results about catastrophic events in real time with full telemetry about the correct Geolocation, time & date, and message from the survivors.
  • Showing the results on World wide map in real time. Personalized view to each disaster like a List in category with current map potion and affected area.
  • Showing the 5 most recent Active and Finished Disasters.
  • Opportunity to view separate disaster with the message sent in real time on map.
  • Browsing to history of disasters divided in 5 different groups.
  • Windows Store Acces to the app on store.
  • Opportunity to download the 'Splendor' Windows Phone app.
  • Video page that explains the functionality of the app.
  • Browsing the web.
  • Navigation to pages and full worldwide maps view in different views.
  • Settings option for setting up Active disaster to be finished - Advanced.