Split Stream

Split Stream

Four way grid view allows you to view 4 streams at the same time! Great for when you want to watch different sports that are on at the same time. No more fighting over the remote.
Picture in Picture with 4 locations and 3 sizes allows you to keep an eye on what's happening in another view, while watching a larger video in another.
Since these are web browser controls, you have all the flexibility of what the browser can display - even local pictures or videos.
With the same options for picture in picture to move things around. You can even hide the PIP window to show just the full version of the image/video.
Settings allows you to rearrange your window views and select which PIP options you like.
Change the location or size of the PIP window without having to bring up the settings panel. Full screen mode takes advantage of every pixel.

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About Split Stream

Split Stream was primarily built to watch four web streamed events at once. With more and more content being available to watch online, using this app allows you to see multiple things at the same time. It is great to no longer argue over the remote and satisfy everyone’s viewing requests. No more scrambling to set up multiple screens to watch your favorite teams live when your TV can display 4 games at once!

You’re not limited to just a four way split screen though. You can watch a single stream, or even overlap two streams with Picture in Picture mode. Use the full screen experience to maximize every pixel, with all the options available to you to easily position the views you want to see.

Since each view is it’s own web browser, you can show any content that a browser is capable of displaying, including local pictures and videos. Just put in the full file path into the appropriate box and away you go.

Key features

  • Picture in Picture (PIP), Quad View Streaming and Browsing, Slide Show