Our main hub for Spotcast shows Spotcast recent Spotcasts in the community.  The feed is filtered to show only Spotcasts from the people you are following.
Click on any Spotcast and add comments to the Spotcast.  Find the places related to the Spotcast so you can head on down and join in on the deal, the event or whatever others are saying.
See special deals from local retail stores nearby.  Follow your favorite retailers to find out what's new when it happens.
Ask questions in the discussion or just add in your own thoughts to any Spotcast.
Creating a Spotcast is easy.  Choose a place and write your message.  If the Spotcast is date sensitive add a date.  If you want to point to a specific location on a map add a #Geohash.
Panning to the right reveals places nearby.  See what places are near you.  If you have a thought to share for that place, click it and Spotcast to it!
From the main page, tap more and filter your searches by categories.  Whether your only interested in restaurants or electronics, you'll find it on Spotcast.
See all the recent Spotcasts in your area with the quick preview pane.  If you want to learn more tap the button for full details.
View the people you are following and who's following you from your profile page.  Also see the history of all the Spotcasts you have posted so far!

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About Spotcast

Spotcast helps you discover more outside your front door.

Transform your Windows 8.1 device into your very own personal portal to local deals, cool finds and events posted by users and local retailers.

Looking for a cool dining experience or great sale? Found something that you want to share? Broadcast it to users around you.

Start Spotcasting today!

Key features

  • Share and find deals, reviews and cool finds near you
  • Spotcast is your local network, find and share deals, reviews, events and cool finds around you