Stacks - Project Manager

Stacks - Project Manager

Stacks - Project Manager
Stacks - Project Manager
Stacks - Project Manager
Stacks - Project Manager
Stacks - Project Manager
Stacks - Project Manager

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About Stacks - Project Manager

Stacks is a secure all-in-one productivity tool bringing an easy and friendly interface that accompanies you towards completing any challenge you may come across.
With Stacks, you will have more time to achieve your goals instead of planning how to do it and better understand and manage your workflows, track time and optimize productivity and anticipate the required time to complete tasks.

Why choose Stacks over Trello?
Stacks has most of Trello’s premium features and it allows you to take control of where to store your data. Indeed, Stacks works on top of your local folders or on the cloud service of your choice, keeping your data safe. Currently, you can use Stacks for your personal projects, we are working on adding a collaboration feature in the near future.

What you get upon purchasing the Pro version:

  • Unlimited Documents
  • All Project View Types: List View, Table View, Calendar View, Dashboard, and Map View
  • Task automations
  • People Manager
  • Notepad
  • All upcoming Pro features

Key features

  • Task automation
  • Multiple document types: Project, Notepad, People
  • Dashboard
  • Super secure - Offline first with no vendor Lock-in
  • Highly Customisable
  • Dark mode
  • World View