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Startup Informer - Main Window, Statistical Tweet information.
Startup Informer - publishing a Tweet about Dynamic Applications
Startup Informer - Website configuration
Startup Informer in action. It's a work in Progress.
Startup Informer - Twitter Authorisation
Friend, Newsticker, and Hashtag configuration per account
Dynamic Tweet interval and Distribution configuration.
Startup 2020 - automated Tweet - how to get lucky.
Startup Informer - curated Tweet with multiple images.
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About Startup Informer

Startup Informer is your personal digital assistant, an automated SocialMedia manager for the 21st century Founder or Foundress. It will inform your SocialMedia followers on Twitter about selected information from your personal Startup Website, your Blog, or your 3rd party Website of choice.

Configured easily through a high-level user interface, it’ll nicely take over, whenever you’re busy creating new wonderworks for your customers. A graphical user interface will take care of all your settings. Startup Informer will take care of keeping your fan crowd up to date, posting Tweets about your website pages in turns, while you are working on. Take interesting content from all kinds of sources and create a beautiful timeline for all of your followers. Mix digital content with personal, hand-written information, no problem at all. This personal, interactive behavior is actually strongly encouraged.

Startup Informer is transparent, in that it’s self-explanatory, self-documenting, and it finds out about your Sitemap all by itself (intended for Small Business Websites with the typical Sitemap.xml file). Startup Informer protects your personal information in that it’s a traditional Desktop Client. You have to authentify yourself at Apart from that, there’s no data gathering by Dynamic Applications.

Startup Informer is a very powerful tool, and it can create Visibility and put a Spotlight on the one News channel, sub-page or Web page that’s important for you. Startup Informer will also take care of your best personal friends, whom you can give your own percentage of visibility. So that you can share their best Retweets, even building a Team of people helping each other. As for certain topics of interest, you can specify your favorite Hashtags, as well, separately for each account.

As we all don’t want to live and die in filter bubbles, there’s an option to enrich your content with Tweets of your Friends, Team members, Newspapers, Weblogs, Founder magazines, Famous Quotes, license free Imagery of world’s beautiful nature, or any Twitter account you may find useful for your audience.

In being 21st century Founders, we want to create interesting informations about our well-designed products, which come at an exceptional price. No waste in throwing money out of the window, for adwords, flyers, car-stickers, or wealthy company buildings. We are no judges of the world, there is no built-in censorship. However, should you find certain information inappropriate for your audience, you can define a list of Words or Phrases that shall not be published by Startup Informer. We highly recommend that you should always follow the basic Nettiquette - be nice, be professional, and so you raise.

An important thing to note with Startup Informer is the fact that it depends on Twitter’s approval. To authentify your personal Socialbot, you’ll have to apply for a Twitter developer account. There’s just a questionnaire to be filled out. Still, keep in mind that Twitter rules and guidelines will apply in creating a beatiful timeline. In authentifying the Software yourself, you’ll be free in configuring your own SocialMedia Timeline, but you’ll also be fully responsible for the results. Breach of conduct may result in account lockdown.

Finally, Startup Informer is also participative. The professional edition will curate and repeat the best public voted Tweets that you did before (from the last 250 Tweets) for you, sorting out Retweets and Pure Weblinks. So it will curate and repeat your best Tweets in time, automatically.

Startup Informer is free of commercials, Adware, or Spyware. It’s your business. We respect that.
Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including Unlimited Upgrades. Our long-term Warranty since 2016.

All in all, Startup Informer is a powerful Tool that requires a responsible, caretaking configuration to the benefit of your personal Follower network.

Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy Protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

Key features

  • configure up to 10 Websites, sub-pages, or single pages for publication.
  • Startup Informer will read Sitemaps and determine the Table of Contents.
  • Authentify up to 10 Twitter accounts and create your personal Twitter app.
  • Startup Informer will start Tweeting Website Informations for you.
  • will Retweet your best Friends or Team members (configurable).
  • will Retweet additional Newstickers (Magazines, Quotes, Pictures).
  • will curate your best Tweets in history, and repeat them for you.
  • collects and retweets your favorite Hashtags amongst you and your friends.
  • will publish Tweets with most RT and Favs, statistically preferred, randomly chosen.
  • minimal energy consumption, all Tweets cached internally
  • will run as long your Laptop or PC is running (5 W/h Screensaver, typically)
  • detailed log file creation, so that it’s fully transparent and self-documenting
  • Unlimited Upgrades for all our Windows 10 Store Apps, our long-term warranty since 2016.