Steak Recipes Vol 1 - Delicious Collection of Video Recipes

Steak Recipes Vol 1 - Delicious Collection of Video Recipes


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About Steak Recipes Vol 1 - Delicious Collection of Video Recipes

Looking for easy, delicious steak recipes? YOU’VE FOUND IT!!

That’s because everything you need to be on your way to a fantastic steak is right here in this Steak Recipes app!

With this robust and enlightening Steak Recipes app you will get over tasty steak recipes. You’ll also find the recipes broken down into convenient categories according to the type of meal/cooking preparation, or by the cut of steak you want to make. Video recipes will show you exactly what to do, and Daily Recipes will give you brand new recipes EVERY DAY!

Here’s just a little taste of the type of recipes you’ll get:


  • Beef Steaks
  • Pork Steaks
  • Venison Steaks
  • Tuna Steaks & Salmon Steaks
  • Steak Sauces
  • Marinades
  • Video Recipes

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Key features

  • Simple ingredients make for simple preparation
  • A great way to include steak as part of your meal
  • Cooking all ingredients in one stovepot couldn't be easier
  • Ingredients are typically inexpensive, so your meal won't be a budget buster
  • Best of all - it tastes GREAT!