Stock Desktop Widget

Stock Desktop Widget

Pick a theme that works for you. Resize the charts however you like. Get the information you require.
Stay up to date while you do other things in the foreground
Stock Desktop Widget
Stock Desktop Widget
Stock Desktop Widget
Stock Desktop Widget
Stock Desktop Widget
Create widgets for your favorite stocks
Create price alerts, customize the appearance and more
Detailed charts with real time quotes, extended market data, volume and more with Stock Desktop Widget Pro.

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About Stock Desktop Widget

Keep track of your stocks and financial instruments straight from your desktop — all in real time. Fully configurable, supports stocks, cryptocurrency, ETFs, indices, currencies, futures, benchmarks, and more.

Simple, efficient, and functional.

• Stock charts from Nasdaq, NYSE, Euronext, and many more for free.
• Resize and place your widgets where you want, on any monitor.
• Change the font size, text color and transparency. Legible anywhere.
• Set your desired time-range from your watchlist or by right clicking on the widget.
• Add simulated holdings. See your profits and losses in real-time.
• Create notifications when an instrument goes over or under a defined threshold.
• Use built-in alignment tools to arrange the widgets on your desktop.
• Get the info you need and nothing more. Hide the chart body for maximum productivity.
• Highly efficient. Low CPU and RAM usage. Designed to work on all Windows PCs.
• Frequent updates with added functionality.
• Supports Windows 11 windowing and aesthetic.
• Modern, feature rich, all-in-one for personal finance.
• Energy efficient for maximizing your battery when you’re on the go.

Stock Desktop Widget Pro is an optional in-app purchase as Premium, which provides the following features:
• Unlimited number of widgets.
• Support for cryptocurrencies, ETFs, futures, commodities, indices & more, in addition to equities.
• Advanced market data and pre-/post-market data.
• Mix and match line charts, candlestick, and OHLC with custom intervals.
• Market volume bar charts.
• Extended time ranges: YTD, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, all time.
• Lifetime license on an unlimited number of devices.
• Additional personalization features and cosmetic enhancements.

Key features

  • Real time charts and historical data
  • Support for instruments from all stock markets
  • Full multi-monitor support
  • Price Alerts and Simulated Holdings
  • Features stock and market data
  • Line, OHLC and Candle