Thank you for purchasing TradeLogBook.  The application was successfully installed onto your computer.
You just clicked on the "My Portfolio" button.  As you can see, you can perform two task.  1) Add New Stocks and 2) Configure settings.
Add a unique stock symbol.  I blurred out the stock symbol.
As you can see, I have entered 5 unique stock symbols. Please notice the four (4) links before each symbol name. 
1) Buy/Sell - enter trade information
2) What If - see 'What If' grid of profit/loss
3) Trades - see all the trades you have entered
4) Delete - remove this symbol from the app.
Enter in trade data.  Of course, this is only local to TradeLogBook.
As you can see, i've entered in two trades, each 100 shares.
You can see I have an Average Cost, and a Current Price.  (Current Price is the last trade you executed, until you enter in a Daily Price where the date > last trade date.
The "What IF" grid
Average Up/Down

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About TradeLogBook

TradeLogBook is an amazing Windows 10 Application that will provide you immediate feedback on the profit/loss positions you hold. This is an advantage to making good trade decisions.

With TradeLogBook, you enter in all your real trades, or simulated trades (great for learning), then, using the ‘What If’ profit/loss data grid, you can define your trading strategy. You will even know your after-tax profits at a single glance.

TradeLogBook calculates the Average Cost, and includes the cost of each trade into that calculation. Avoid making a trading error because you haven’t calculated all the fees accumulated.

TradeLogBook should be the FIRST app you use before making a real trade.

(NOTE: this application DOES NOT execute any trades, you must perform that operation with your broker account).

Key features

  • Calculate Average Cost
  • See Profit/Loss in single glance
  • Perform what if trades to learn
  • Get Current Price from Web Service Call
  • Calculates profit minus taxes
  • Trade