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Stocks Return Calculator


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About Stocks Return Calculator

This app is a return calculator for stocks, exchange traded funds(ETF), mutual funds etc that will help you anticipate and plan your investment based on percentage return, commissions, dividends, price and holding period of the stocks.

How to use:

  1. Shortlist a number of stocks that fall within your budget
  2. Using the average performance of your shortlisted stocks enter your target price or increase
  3. Enter the expected dividend and period you want to hold the stocks, ETF or mutual funds, REITs
  4. calculate the returns of the stocks.
  5. Hence, by calculating for different stocks prices and dividends you can find which stocks will give you the highest return for the lowest price.

Other Uses

  1. You can use the app to get your take profit points based on price if you have entered a trade
  2. You can use the app to find out how much shares you can buy for a particular amount if you know the price.
  3. You can use the app to find out how commissions affect your returns
  4. You can use the app to learn about stock returns and how different factors affect them.

Key features

  • Stocks Calculator
  • Dividend income calculator
  • Capital gain calculator
  • Concise and flexible
  • Different commission types