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  1. About this app
    If you want to give up on drugs, this app may help you by prescribing a treatment and checking weather you are following it or not.
    If you think you can’t follow the treatment, you can let an assistant to take control over your account and help you following it.
    Warning: This app does not replace the doctor!

This app require an active internet connection to sync user’s treatment details.
We will NOT publish any information about the user unless he/she agrees.
We will NOT use your personal information to contact you.
We will try to keep as little information about you as we can.
All the information about the person will be PERMANENTLY removed after the person finishes the treatment or he deletes his/her account.

Key features

  • Prescribes user's treatment
  • Checks if user is following the treatment
  • Allows the user to transfer the account to an assistant
  • Allows an assistant to transfer the account directly to the user
  • Log in with Facebook account