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About Storyvoid for Instapaper

Storyvoid is an app to let you connect to your Instapaper account – you can read, save, and manage articles stored in your Instapaper account on your Windows device. Anywhere, any time – PC, tablet, and even offline

Instapaper is a service ( that lets you save articles for reading later – it removes all the distracting content, and lets you focus on stories & articles that matter. When used in with the Instapaper on other platforms, you can pick up reading where you left off.

Key features

  • Offline reading
  • Share articles you want to read from the apps you use, like Edge
  • Beautiful design, with four different reading view colour schemes & Dark Mode UI support
  • Windows Timeline & Jump List Support
  • Picture-in-PIcture mode to keep the article on screne while you work
  • Share the article you're reading using the share charm