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Strawberry Weather

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About Strawberry Weather

Meet the most light weight and battery friendly weather app on the Store!
2% battery usage for a day, with GPS and tile updates every half hour!

Get weather with upcoming alerts and forecast in a beautiful style! Plan your day or rather week accordingly wherever you are and wherever you want to go!

Let GPS locate you or set default location yourself! Also search weather for any places you desire or see weather for nearby places!
And icing on the cake, the places sync across all your Windows 10 devices be it phone, PC or tablet!

  • Weather data from OpenWeatherMap or Dark Sky, choose!

    OpenWeatherMap features…
    - Current Weather
    - Forecast up to 5 days
    - Sunset Sunrise

    Dark Sky features…
    - Real feels of temperatures
    - Down-to-the-minute forecast for next hour
    - Daily forecast for next 7 days with summary
    - Severe weather alerts issued by the government
    - Sunset Sunrise

  • Choose the units, Metric or Imperial!

  • Beautiful live tiles show you current weather and next hour summary / next alert / today’s summary depending on what’s important!

  • Toast notifications tell you beforehand if the weather is going to be worse, so you can be prepared always!

  • Fastest GPS lock in just 2 seconds, and record break battery usage!

  • Lock screen - See detailed status weather on the lock screen itself!

  • Personalize with colors that reflect your personality! Or sit back and let us detect your system color with the ‘Chameleon’ theme!

  • Life-in-sync - Favorite places and settings sync with all Windows 10 devices

Key features

  • See weather and forecast with upcoming alerts in your desired units
  • Minute-by-minute “hyperlocal” rain forecasts by Dark Sky
  • Extreme weather alerts issued by the government
  • Various beautiful themes to choose from
  • Detailed lock screen status, to be updated right on the lock screen
  • Keep theme, settings and places in sync with all devices