Sunrise and Sunset Around the World

Sunrise and Sunset Around the World

Home Screen displays sunrise and sunset times based on location and date selection.
Location database and filter controls for selection of location from database.
In-App Instruction manual from accessible from menu.
Settings allow management of locations to favourites and user configuration.

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About Sunrise and Sunset Around the World

This application provides sunrise and sunset times based on user selected location and date, The user can select a day from the graphical calendar. Calendar controls allows selection of month and year. A locator function identifies the user location with the nearest city and town in the app database. Alternatively the user can choose any location from the database of cities and towns to obtain sunrise and sunset data.

This app is useful for recreation and leisure activities such as fishing, photography, hiking cycling to plan these activities over available daylight.

Key features

  • Automaticall Indentify current location with nearest city.
  • Database supports over 7000 cities
  • Identifies daylight savings with selected city
  • 12 or 24 hour time
  • Save up to 10 frequently used locations in favourites for quick access
  • Filters allow user to find a city from the database
  • In-app instruction manual
  • Easy to navigate menu system