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About Supernova Music Player

Supernova Music Player is a great offline music player which was made for people who don’t want to listen to songs that they don’t even like. There may be songs in your music library that you stopped enjoying after some time or songs that were part of an album, so you were never interested in them – but most of the other music players will play them to you anyway, even if you skip them every time.

Supernova Music Player can learn which songs you like based on your actions during listening to music – e.g., it remembers which songs you skip, when do you turn the volume up, or how many times you listened to a particular song. Every song has a score, which is based on these actions. With a higher score, there is also a higher chance of playing the song in the future and vice versa.

Key features

  • Smart music player.
  • Support of all common audio formats such as MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV.
  • Completely free and without ads.
  • Low memory requirements.
  • Minimalistic user interface – everything important is on one screen.
  • Smart search – instead of using tabs, write the name of song, artist, or album in the search bar and only the results will be played. Searching for multiple results is also available.
  • 2 additional play modes – one that will prioritize new songs and the other one for songs with the highest score.
  • Export of your score to the text file and easy import of score from this file.
  • Score synchronization with Android version of music player, which is available on Google Play.
  • Support for system's dark theme (available from: Windows Settings > Personalization > Colors).