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About Synchro Civics

Synchro Civics provides a quick and easy way to determine your representatives at every level of US government by using your address. Synchro Civics can even use location services on your device to determine your approximate address.

Synchro Civics allows you to interact with your representatives by letting you tap their contact information or social media profiles.

Synchro Civics lets you keep track of favorite or frequently contacted government representatives.

Synchro Civics was built using Synchro, a revolutionary new platform for creating high quality, high performance, cross-platform native-like mobile applications using simple and familiar tools - JavaScript and the Node.js framework.

The data used by Synchro Civics is provided by the Voting Information Project through the Google Civics API.

Key features

  • Look up US government representatives for a given address
  • Determine approximate address from location
  • Track favorite government reps
  • Contact reps by phone, email, or social media