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About TaskbarRadio

Radio with an equalizer on the taskbar, which will brighten up your work at the computer - more than twenty thousand radio stations from all over the world for every taste and for every mood.

Our other programs in the Microsoft Store:

TaskbarGadget - A set of mini-programs on the taskbar offering monitoring of computer parameters HDD & SSD, CPU, RAM, GPU, Network, Battery, Radio, Volume, Weather and providing easy access to numerous functions of Windows OS.

TaskbarGadgetLT - Lite version of TaskbarGadget - black and white indicators, no equalizer in Radio, etc.

TaskbarEffect - The app creates a taskbar in ever-iridescent colors with dynamically changing transparency, with Aero Glass or Fluent Acrylic effects overlay and with a shadow smoothly turning into the backlight.

TaskbarEffectLT - Lite version of TaskbarEffect - only the color of the taskbar is constantly changing.

TaskbarEffect+ - Extended version of TaskbarEffect - added color highlighting of functional areas of the taskbar, highlighting pinned and active applications with the ability to position them in the center or on the right. All functional areas support constantly iridescent colors with dynamically changing transparency.

TaskbarStyle - The program makes the taskbar transparent, translucent, with a monochrome or three-color gradient, with the Aero Glass or Fluent Acrylic effect, with a shadow or backlight, and also sets the color for the buttons of docked and running applications. Over fifty predefined taskbar themes.

TaskbarToDock - The application creates from the standard taskbar a dock similar to the MacOS dock.

WindowTransparent - Sets individual transparency in Z-order for windows of different applications.

WindowTransparent+ - An extended version of WindowTransparent - adds Aero Glass and Fluent Acrylic transparency to the topmost window.

LiveWallpaperSubstance - The application creates live wallpapers that change in shape and in iridescent colors.

LiveWallpaperSubstance+ - Extended version of LiveWallpaperSubstance - adds the ability to fine-tune visualization parameters.

LiveWallpaperMatrix - Live wallpaper for your desktop displaying the movement of letters, numbers and other symbols in the style of the movie Matrix.

LiveWallpaperMatrix+ - Extended version of LiveWallpaperMatrix - adds the ability to fine-tune visualization parameters.

LiveWallpaperRain - Live wallpaper imitating rain on your desktop.

LiveWallpaperRain+ - Extended version of LiveWallpaperRain - adds the ability to fine-tune rendering parameters.

Attention: if tweakers are used or have been used in Windows, then the applications may not work correctly, so use the trial version before purchasing the programs.

Key features

  • About 23,000 radio stations from all over the world
  • Simple navigation
  • Search for stations by all parameters
  • Easy favorites creation
  • Eight band equalizer with presets
  • Control volume with mouse wheel
  • No ads
  • Month free