Technical Stocks Screener

Technical Stocks Screener

Overbought / Oversold Stocks
Best and Worst Stocks on the Market
Most Traded by Volume and Most Invested by Money Flow Stocks
Stocks Filter by price range, volume and money flow
Multilevel Stock Filter by technical indicators

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About Technical Stocks Screener

Technical stocks screener scans the market for the strongest overbought and strongest oversold stocks. The overbought / oversold screener is based on volume technical analysis.

This screener selects the stocks which had the strongest increase in volume at the price up-move by considering a strong volume surge to the price up-side as greedy buying which may push a stock into overbought condition and cause a shift in supply/demand balance when all who wanted to buy already bought and there could be not enough buyers to sustain an up-trend. Controversially, strong volume surge to the price down-side could be considered as panic selling which may push a stock into an oversold condition.

In the List of various stock screeners you will find the screener for the most volatile stocks on the stock market. Also, with this app you will always have the list of the most traded stocks by volume as well as the list of the most invested stocks by money flow. The strongest (biggest winners) and worst (biggest losers) stock filters are also available with this app.

All our stock screeners have an option to filter the scan results by price range, volume and money flow. In addition multilevel filter allows narrowing the scan results by various technical indicators such as MACD, Money Flow Index, RSI Stochastics and etc.

Disclaimer: This technical stock screener is developed for educational purposes only. None of our stock market scan results could be considered as a soliciting to buy and or sell specific stocks. You have to understand that technical analysis is not an exact science and if you make any trading decision you do it at your own risk.

Key features

  • Overbought / Oversold stocks screener
  • Most traded stocks scanner
  • Most invested stocks scanner
  • Mos volatile stocks scanner
  • Best and wors stocks screener
  • Ability to filter results by price range, volume, money flow.
  • Historical scans
  • Multilevel filtration by technical indicatord