The C++ Project (pro edition)

The C++ Project (pro edition)

The C++ Project (pro edition)
"Fifty balls; no gravity (gas simulation approximation). Piston under gravity." simulation.
Printing simulation data in real time.
The C++ Project (pro edition)
It's printing speed and orbit!
The C++ Project (pro edition)
The C++ Project (pro edition)

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About The C++ Project (pro edition)

After the “free edition” and the “programmable” edition, this is our most complete version of the software. It has all the simulations of those versions (elementary simulations of classical physics), but also many new ones. There are nineteen simulations ready to run, and you can create your simulations, too. It was made in C++ language, so to be able to make as fast and powerful simulations as possible.

It has multi-ball collisions, simulations to study the concepts of force and energy, “gravitational simulations” (using gravitational forces), and more. We have added the “information propagation” simulations, which illustrate the propagation of information, based on a simplified model (using the collisions of the balls).

In the simulation “Fifty balls; without gravity (gas simulation approximation). Piston under gravity.”, it is possible to study the concepts of force and energy. The user can increase the system’s energy in real-time (through heat, using the keys -> and <-) and can verify the elevation, on average, of the piston’s potential energy (work done by the system). So, the program may illustrate the First Law of Thermodynamics, approximately.

It has a gravitational simulation named “A Fictional Universe”. Sometimes, it is possible to watch the formation of objects representing a planet and its satellite! There are two versions: the standard (the same as in the “free edition” or in the “programmable”), and the “unstable” simulation, where the “fictional universe” is constantly changing.

In the “information propagation” simulations, we can see the effect of the “memory” duration in the propagation, as well as the result of several ball velocities. It is useful to illustrate and reflect on what we see in our extremely interconnected society.

It is possible to make or edit a .txt file (plain text), following the instructions, to change all the values of parameters and create specialized simulations.

We can simulate, for example, a simplified satellite launching. One ball will be the planet and the other the satellite. The challenge is to choose the launching and orbit speeds, for example. Also, there is a “Satellite Launching” simulation ready to run (with data already programmed).

This app has support for English and Portuguese.

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