The C++ Project (free edition)

The C++ Project (free edition)

The app menu showing the available simulations.
It is like a "gas simulation": the balls collide with the piston.
Auxiliary screen displaying real-time simulation data.
"Satellite launching" simulation.
It's printing speed and orbit!

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About The C++ Project (free edition)

The software implements a few elementary simulations of classical physics. It has multi-ball collisions and gravitational simulations, like a planet and its satellite, and a simplified satellite launching. It was made in C++ language, so to be able to make as fast and powerful simulations as possible.

In the simulation “Fifty balls; without gravity (gas simulation approximation). Piston under gravity.”, it is possible to study the concepts of force and energy. The user can increase the system’s energy in real-time (through heat, using the keys -> and <-) and can verify the elevation, on average, of the piston’s potential energy (work done by the system). So, the program may illustrate the First Law of Thermodynamics, approximately.

An example of gravitational simulation is the “A Fictional Universe” simulation. Sometimes it is possible to watch the formation of objects representing approximately a planet and its satellite.

This app has support for English and Portuguese.

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