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About The Mix Machine

The Mix Machine takes your imagination on a ride to the impossible! Toddlers, playing the game, create new creatures from animals and objects. They mix them together into a new-never-seen-before creatures. The humoristic Mix Machine demonstrates magical and surprising possibilities, sparking kids’ curiosity and imagination. What will be the outcome of combining a rabbit and watermelon? The game assists in developing curiosity, exploration, imagination, prediction and the hunger to try new possibilities. Kids enjoy playing the game on their own , as well as laugh together with a friend at the outcome of the machine, communicate to each other about the creatures, tell their story and what they do. The game promotes the development of social and communication skills through surprise and laugh. Cooked with the pleasure of Pangolin team, parents, animators and musicians. Game Ingredients: curiosity, 2 spoons of laughter and a dash of openness :) About Pangolin: Pangolin introduce a new category in kids apps promoting development of creativity and imagination through high end games. We specialize in creating non-competitive games that offer a virtual environment that promotes growth, challenge and learn new skills, rather than competition. We take great pride in our unique way of developing new games to match the exact needs of young kids. Parents and their little ones are invited to play in our magical boutique studio taking an active part in creating games loved by all family members. The whole process is accompanied by a child-developmental psychologist. We are guided by our desire to offer a supreme combination of mindfulness, fun and intrigue stimulation. offering a complete game experience that promotes the child’s natural sense of exploration and inquisitiveness thrive

Key features

  • Create amazing and inspiring creatures
  • Play with your creature
  • Discover new creatures