This Is My Budget

This Is My Budget

Monthly budget with category detail pane
Move money between categories
Search for transactions
Add/Edit transactions
View account details and transactions

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About This Is My Budget

I found that the new online YNAB was missing a Windows 10 Mobile app, so I decided to write a UWP app for myself and partner to use. This works on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile as well as Continuum. This is my unofficial third party client for nYNAB. Currently views your budgets and transactions as well as add/modify/delete transactions, you can also add/move/remove money between categories, I hope to continue to add more functionality over time, there is a link to the Feedback app you can use to give feedback on what functionality you would like to see. You can also pin a secondary tile to the start screen for quick transaction entry. Application trial is 14 days after which if you still wish to use the application you will need to purchase it.

Note: you need an active or trial account with to use.

Key features

  • View YNAB budgets and switch between months
  • View category details such as goals and credit card payment details
  • Move money between categories
  • Add/Edit/Delete transactions
  • Pin tile for quick transaction entry
  • Search and filter transactions
  • Offline functionality including transaction add/editing