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Time Tolerance Registration List


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About Time Tolerance Registration List

This is a digital timekeeping list, with which you can keep up with your activities during the day. You can fill in if the activities cost energy or deliver energy and what your energy level is after the activity is done (mark). Instead of walking around with a paper version, you can now use your smartphone for this!

This app is meant for people who are quickly or always tired, for example because of a (past) disease like Cancer, MS, psychological problems or of course some other reason. People who want to gain insight into their daily activities and how they divide the days.

  • With the start/stop button, you can start an activity and end it when you finished.
  • In the activity screen, you can add a new activity. Give your activity a mark (energy level), 0 is not tired at all, 10 is you can’t do anything anymore because of the tiredness.
  • In the activitylist, you can see which activities you did until now: blue activities are neutral, green give energy, red cost energy. You can also add a new activity by clicking on the ‘+’ in the list and edit your activities.
  • There is also a settings screen, where you can change your language (dutch or english) for example.

The best is to use this app together with your occupational therapist. The occupational therapist can speak to you about the results and give advice.

If you have suggestions, I’m really interested to hear them. The app is still begin developed. It will be possible in the future to send the activity list to your occupational therapist or yourself by email, there wil be a manual and/or help function and there are more improvements coming! I would really like to know what you think of the app!

This is a paid version of the app. There is also a free version with ads. This one is without ads. Ads and paid version are to support some of the costs of building this app.

Key features

  • Save activities
  • Show an overview of activities
  • Start / stop button for new activities