Swiss Traffic Theory

Swiss Traffic Theory

Swiss Traffic Theory
Swiss Traffic Theory
Swiss Traffic Theory
Swiss Traffic Theory
Swiss Traffic Theory
Swiss Traffic Theory
Swiss Traffic Theory
Swiss Traffic Theory

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About Swiss Traffic Theory

Swiss Driving Theory 2023/2024 Premium

Premium Version, containing the driving theory as well as a quiz about traffic signs.

Learn the driving theory for car, motorcycle, scooter, moped and tractor (category B, A, A1, M, F, G). This app has been designed to quickly learn the Swiss driving rules.

Driving means being free. This app has been designed from the ground up so that Swiss traffic rules can be internalized well and quickly. The clearly structured theory part is supplemented by graphics and explains the traffic rules vividly. The learning program is suitable for a refresher of the theory as well as for new learners of the traffic rules. You can test your knowledge of traffic signs in the quiz, where you will be asked 20 questions about traffic signs per quiz.

You will be familiarized with the traffic regulations and traffic signs. In addition to the traffic signals, the theoretical section deals with the following topics:

1 ID cards
-Driving license categories
-Special categories

2 Provisional license
-Minimum age at registration
-Procedure for obtaining the driving license
-Theory test category A, A1 and B
-Theory test category F, G and M
-Validity of the theory test

3 Learning trips
-Learning phase
-Driver training

4 Driving license on probation

5 Before driving

6 Driver and vehicle
-Safety belts and headrests

7 Rules for motorcyclists and moped riders
-Wearing protective helmets

8 Rules for motor vehicles with a maximum speed of up to 45 km/h and agricultural motor vehicles

9 Basic rules in traffic

10 Zipper traffic

11 Crossing
-Behavior on steep roads and mountain roads

12 Speed

13 Using the lights
-When driving, use the following
-Fog lights

14 Indicating

15 Driving one after another

16 Overtaking
-Overtaking in special cases

17 Calculation of the overtaking distance
-Rule of thumb

18 Stopping distance
-Rule of thumb

19 Reaction distance
-Rule of thumb

20 Braking distance
-Rule of thumb - On wet roads
-Rule of thumb - On dry roads

21 Right of way
-Special cases for the right of way

22 Traffic Lights
-Red light
-Green light
-Green arrows
-Yellow, dormant light
-Yellow flashing light

23 Signs and instructions of the police

24 Moving into the correct lane

25 Behavior in the case of pedestrians
-Rules as pedestrians

26 One-way streets

27 Cycle paths and cycling lanes

28 Tunnel
-Fire in the tunnel:
-Traffic jams in the tunnel:

29 How to deal with trams

30 Behavior at railway crossings

31 Securing the vehicle

32 Load

33 Moving away, reversing and turning

34 Stopping and parking

35 Towing

36 Tires

37 Avoiding noise and smoke

38 Protection of the roadway

39 Replacement vehicles

40 Trailers

41 Motorways and expressways

42 Warning signals

43 Breakdown signal and warning light

44 Behavior in the case of accidents
-Accidents involving material damage
-Accidents with injured persons

Warning signs

Regulation signs

Right of way signs

Information signs

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Extra chapter: Environmentally friendly driving. Learn the basics for environmentally friendly driving and fuel efficiency. The relevant physical laws are explained and practical tips are given so that you can save fuel.

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