Windows 10/11 | This is the home page. The page where all of your articles and sections are for a quick start. All in a familiar Windows 10 look.
Windows 10/11 | Current Stories for Today feature all of today's stories that you can look through and start reading interesting articles. All in an informational and compact look.
Windows 10/11 | TrendNation articles not good enough? Search through other news services to read articles from there. Selecting one will open the website in your default browser.
Windows 8.1 | This is 1 part of the home page. This part shows you all of your Stories, while the other part shows you other news sources.
Windows 8.1 | This is the other part of the home screen, where all of the news sources are displayed if TrendNation News isn't good enough. The one you choose will bring you to the web page in your default internet browser.

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About TrendNation

Full uncovered stories are ready when you are on any internet connection with no hidden messages.
TrendNation is redefining the word “news” to a type of news where everything is presented. Other news services like to hide some facts and other parts of the story to keep it good, but we provide you with anything and everything. All under a family rating with the Windows app.

The TrendNation app gives you everything you need, in a clean and familiar simple-to-use streamlined with the rest of the Windows Metro/Fluent Design apps.

Catch up on everything you love, including…
• Sports
• Politics
• Technology
• Business
• Cooking
and whatever you desire to read… all in 1 place.

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