Exploring Triumph Course

Exploring Triumph Course

Exploring Triumph Course
Exploring Triumph Course
Exploring Triumph Course
Exploring Triumph Course

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About Exploring Triumph Course

Think of Triumph as Photoshop for audio. That’s because Triumph employs a targeted effects-layering technology, similar to Photoshop’s layers, that enables you to expertly deploy all of your audio plugins, in list format, to transform any part of your stereo audio file. You can then reorder the FX and turn them on and off at will. This functionality lets you non-destructively experiment, trying out all kinds of unique processing, before you render your changes.

Matt explains the interface, how to import and edit your audio assets. He also shows you how Triumph is jam-packed with all kinds of expert, built-in technologies including expert audio algorithms from iZotope and others. You learn how to utilize Triumph’s powerful metering, SmartEdits, complex fade shapes and analysis tools which give you, the audio editor, an extreme amount of audio editing power!

So whatever your audio needs are, join Matt Vanacoro, in this introductory course, and see how Audiofile Engineering’s Triumph will change the way you edit, process and master your audio!

Key features

  • Featuring our industry specialist trainer, Matt Vanacoro!
  • This course on Triumph will show you everything you need to know!
  • Including a fully interactive interface!
  • With 29 videos, and 1 hour and 43 minutes of valuable reference material!
  • So if you're looking to learn Triumph , look no further...
  • This macProVideo course is the best and fastest way to learn it !